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Yuan Qiu

Founder and CEO
Yuan Qiu is the Founder and CEO of oFree. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing and Master's Degree in Multimedia Design. Besides being an entrepreneur, she is also a digital designer at Victoria's Secret.

oFree, Inc. is an exciting tech startup company which launched the oFree app on Aug 30, 2017. oFree has reached 700 registered users with more than 1000 FREE items posted in the first two months. oFree is a mobile app where you can give, get or exchange FREE stuff with nearby users. Besides the free stuff, oFree also hopes people enjoy giving, getting and exchanging kindness. oFree wants its users to connect in their own community and to help everyone share more and waste less. If friends and neighbors exchange more of what they have, everyone will all be living more sustainably. And sometimes there are people near you that really, really need some of that extra stuff that you don’t want any more. Meanwhile, you might even meet a neighbor or a new friend.