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Kevin Snider

Penn State New Kensington

Dr. Kevin Snider has served as Chancellor of Penn State New Kensington since 2008. Under his leadership, PSNK has become a campus known for innovation, student centeredness, community engagement, and excellence. As a driver of major initiatives in k-12 education and economic development, Dr. Snider has led PSNK in finding creative ways to better serve students, faculty, and local communities, while also benefiting campus enrollment and quality.  He was the founder of the Westmoreland Economic Development Initiative for Growth (WEDIG), which brought together five municipalities to work collaboratively on economic development for the region. He worked with local k-12 superintendents to build ABC-Create, which has 15 different school districts working together to use technology to enhance STEM education. He serves on multiple boards in the area. 

Under his leadership, Penn State New Kensington has developed a program to give scholarships to students for achieving financial literacy (ASPIRE), a GREAT program that matches potential engineers with local employers early in the educational process and expanded educational programming on campus. The campus has experienced an overall increase in student quality and has undergone revitalization of its spaces.

Before coming to Penn State New Kensington, Snider worked as an adjunct faculty member and institutional researcher at the American University in Washington D.C., moving to Indiana State University (ISU) to serve as Director of Institutional Research and Testing in 1995. He quickly advanced at ISU, serving in multiple roles, including Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research and Assessment; Executive Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning, Institutional Research and Effectiveness; Interim Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management; and, ultimately, Chief of Staff.

Snider spent his formative years growing up in Canada, Africa and England, before returning to the United States and attending high school in Fresno, California. After a few years at Fresno State, he transferred to San Francisco State where he earned a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in International Relations.  He received his Doctorate in Political Science from The American University, Washington, D.C. Kevin and his wife, Sarah, are the proud parents of two Penn Staters - Andrew, a software engineer, and Tyler, a graduating senior in Psychology. Snider’s hobbies are boating, songwriting, and occasionally golfing.