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Jordan McCall started hunting when he was just 9 years old. Harvesting his first deer with his dad, he got hooked immediately. Hunting has been in his family and his blood for a long time. From his pap, Robert McCall, to his pap's pap, it’s been all about putting food on the table and enjoying the great outdoors. Since the first deer, he’s been very fortunate to harvest some great game and share unforgettable memories on the Hileman Farm. From the beginning, Jordan has been geared toward capturing the moment in the hunts. Starting with Sony handy cams and now professional filming equipment, he has found a passion in filming his experiences in the outdoors. Every time Jared hits the woods, he knows that it could be the day that the best memory or worst memory is made, and that’s what it’s all about. The outdoors has taught him a lot about life and having a good mentality to get through life the right way. Committing to the Lord and trusting in Him, working hard to get what you want and never looking back is what it takes to have a little taste of success. After all, you’re always going to get out what you put in.